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Seel Tour Guide

Collection ( some of it anyway)

Hi, I'm somewhat new in here, although I have been watching the community for a while. I haven't really been keen with collecting Pokemon stuff for a while- or rather collecting is much more on a relaxed scale right now. I have a lot of stuff, just don't have much time to upload pics, but expect more collection pics in the near future.


Photo frame from Pokemon Center NY. I think this is the most expensive standalone Pokeitem I own. Unfortunately, the Cleffa fell off the tree! O_O;

Old Coins and CD Case

A lot of you probably have the preorder coins for Ruby/Sapphire. The CD case was also bought from Pokemon Center NY.

Old Notebook

A notebook from Pokemon Center NY, that I cannot find online. I don't think that the company that made these books exists anymore, but I could be wrong.

Mousepad Postcard and Pin

Other Pokemon Center NY items.

Center Bookmark

Old Bookmark- before Pokemon Center NY revamped.

Old Stickers

Really old stickers. I don't see them online for some reason, although I admit I don't spend much time looking ha ha.

Destiny Poster

One of the posters hanging out on my wall. I have other movie posters, but I can't find them at the moment.

Old Hasbro

Hasbro toy which was much loved. I use it as a paperweight now. XD

World Pin Set

Nintendo World Era (which forced Pokemon Center NY to downsize T_T) Pins. I didn't have time to get the Mario Pin, but at least I got Pikachu. :D

Gale Bookmark

A lenticular Gale of Darkness bookmark. Many of you probably have this too.

Gale Bookmark Up Close

If you look closely, you can see all the Generation I and Generation II eons. Gen IV was not released yet, as we all know.

Unusable Voucher

I was in the league, but I missed the date to redeem my energy cards. Now these vouchers are hanging on the wall.

10th Anniversary Items

Pokemon 10th Anniversary Event in New York. They gave away these neat items. The DS strap took forever to get (and I don't even have a DS lol)! It was like the equivalent of the Japan Stamp Rally events- hot (temperature wise), long lines, but rewarding! Interestingly, the 'Pikachu on a stick' balloon has not deflated!

Balloon Close Up

Close up of 'Pikachu on a stick' balloon for the win.

All Video

Video games- all common stuff. Can't seem to find my TCG cartridge, but I somehow found the booklet, ha ha.

New Eon and Leaflet

My friend went on a tour of Asia and bought this for me from a gashapon machine, without knowing the authenticity. She did it for the lulz, knowing that I would love her forever ha ha. I think it's real though, as I've seen other people have it in their collections. :)

Also, thank you temporalecho, your package arrived safely today. If you have a feedback thread, please tell me! A+++++ lols.

Leaflet Set Received

As a bonus, the envelope came with awesome animal stickers. Thanks :D
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