Jayce (jayceanime) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Collection Update with Osaka George

I think it's about time for my first collection update of the year!

George is curious about what's under the cut.

FIRST: Pokedolls Of course~~;

Elekid! HES SO ROUND, AND SQUISHY. Thank you [info]dionashi!

Chikorita and Totodile from The seattle vending machines! Toto is so derp, but it makes him more lovable.

Add them to my Cyndaquil, and you get:

A  complete johto starters set! Cynda is 10th Anniversary Minky~

After completing yet another set of johto starters, I decided to gather all of them together...

It didnt seem like this many until I gathered them. Here we have a complete set of Walky starters, Pokedolls, canvas, AND tomy plush! To be fair, johto starters are the best baby starters of all time. B) Isshu is close though

Secondly: Pokemon center misc~~

POKEMON CENTER OSAKA POKABU dlsa;gkalsd I LOVE IT. (and I'm not even a pokabu/tepig fan)
It has an :O expression and its just all around amazing okay.


As such he has been named osaka george.

My posts always come with pokedoll pic whoring don't ya know.


Dream world Snivy!

I like tags as you might have noticed.

It comes out of the bed, so it's time for
Fun times with the dream world bed :D

Cyndaquil looks perfect in this bed lol

Jirachi is only awake 7 days every millenium. He finally has a decent place to sleep.


Poor piplup looks even more depressed in the bed :'(

Pyrrhus and Nerissa do not understand what to do with this "bed".

I think thats more than enough shenanigans with a dream world bed for  this post, moving along!

NEXT: Kibago~~

Both kid figures!

And the Tomy  MC figure! I tried to take it out of the box since its for my kibago collection, not my MC wall... that didn't go very well.

All of my kibago merch! I have a clipping figure on the way :)

A very small addition to my baoppu collection:

Pretty card is pretty.

and baokki... because they came as a set.

LASTLY: A single canvas~~

It's Jirachi! :D This is my 20th canvas plush!

I never thought I'd be saying this, but hoping for a 5th gen canvas release soon! Monkeys, kibago, starters, anyone?

Thanks for reading! 

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