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a wild Kokoromori appears!!

This is really late.... two weeks late, in fact. I was busy with the holidays and then just got lazy, but finally, a little photo story!

This was a couple weeks ago, but I was really getting worried at the time, and that fateful day, when I'd already checked the mail and alas, nothing, I got a call for a parcel and went downstairs and my eyes lit up. :D kind of hard to mistake the box with the art on it! ... which I cut out and kept for my flat collection because I'm weird. I asked for EMS and it was sent out first class, but it got here eventually, so it's okay ; v ;! This is my first photostory, but this is something special, so I thought it would be the perfect occasion :D

Introducing Amaury the Roserade, and Lawliet the Umbreon! Both are from my Diamond team :D

Amaury: Oh my, this box is big...

Lawliet: Hmm... what could be in here...? There's this little picture here...

Amaury: I'll get the scisors! --Ohhh, they match my roses, how lovely~

Lawliet: Just focus on opening the box, I need to see what's inside!

Lawliet: Oof! .... I meant to do that.

Amaury: Be careful!

Amaury: Who're you?

Mango: ? *dingly dingly!*

Lawliet: It's a bag! I wonder...

Amaury: Oooo, what could be inside?

Mango: *dingly dingly!*

Amaury: Hello! What lovely colours you have! And your heart nose is quite charming...

Lawliet: I knew it! It was a bat just like in the picture! I guessed that there must have been at least a 95% chance... why else would someone have drawn a picture of a bat on the box?

Mango: :D *dingly dingly dingly dingly!*

And there you have it!

slothyshroom also included this adorable sketch ; v ; more to add to my flats~ a pretty big collection already! I hope to add official stuff to it soon though :D

My camera is still shite. I love my babyyyy <3

Bonus picture showing off my not-really Canucks pride! We had to get this stocking for my dad, it's too cute XD and he fit right in there~

Also, to anyone who bought from my sales, I'm a little late shipping! Sorry for the delay, my work hours have not allowed me to get to the post office very easily! I'll be sending everything out Monday or Tuesday ^_^

If anyone is interested, I'm open for sculpture commissions :) just click the picture if you want to see my stuff, and ask me if you have any questions. If you want to commission me, do it now! I'm going to buy more clay on Sunday since I don't have many colours left, so it'd be helpful if I knew what colours to get if anyone wants something!

Tags: collection, custom, sales
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