knienke (knienke) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Is this a bootleg?

I have almost completed my first generation Tomy figure collection. But I'm not 100% sure that my Cloyster is official.

The right one is a bootleg, positive, but the one on the left is new. It looks a lot better than the one on the left but I'm still not sure. Can someone help me?

This one is on Ebay right now. It's colors are a lot brighter then my one. I'm pretty sure this one is official. If my one turns out to be a bootleg I buy this one. 

And I have a question. I have been working on my collection website. It's coming along pretty good =)
A lot of the other people with a collection website have a fancy banner. How do I make something like that? How do I make a picture to be a link to my website?

And something else. This may sound confusing because I don't know how to explain it really well.. XD For my collection website I use Weebly. It is a great site and easy to use. But I was wondering how I make 'sub'pages. I'll try to explain with an example. I you set you mouse on 'the collection' you can choose from two different options. How do I do that? Anwsered =3
I wish I knew more of computers XD
Thanks everyone!

Tags: cloyster
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