izumikage (izumikage) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Reply Recieved!

Hey I was wondering if anyone had heard from "Astron" or "Astrostuff"? I believe it was them that I bought a Lugia Jakks and a Notched Ear Pichu cellphone charm from them for $13.50. But this was on December 23rd and its now January 14th. I've sent a message asking them on the status before I went out of town for my trip and when I came back the message was still unanswered, I left for my trip on the 2nd of January.

I would just like at least an answer from the person that I bought them from to tell me what is going on. <:/ What would you all suggest that I do?

I got my response and my package was shipped yesterday. ^^ I'll try to post a picture of my collection additions soon for you all though! When I was at a WalMart with my sister, I just about died when I saw that they had a few more of the pokemon plushies there! So I'll have to show you all for sure! :3
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