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Gen5 fever continues! + Still taking offers on DX Pokedoll Weavile! + Sales update!

Good evening, children~ I've felt a little down lately - possibly because of the dark winter days - but looking at my collections and getting packages in the mail always cheer me up! I've got lots of nice 5th Gen Pokemon lately, so today I'll showcase my new (and super small) collections!

Terriers! My number one favourite line from BW! C: They're so cute and they kick some ass in games, too! Harderria (Herdier?), the middle evolution, is the best thing ever since Vulpix~ Too bad I don't really see these guys getting a lot of merch. :'< Oh well, I'll grab anything I'll find! I only have the Pokecen Yorterrie (/Lillipup) plush, custom-made Harderria (/Herdier) sculpture and all cards that have been released so far! The poor plush can't stand on her own, that's why the pink stamper is supporting her (it's not a terrier item). xD Isn't the custom figure just precious! I took a close-up shot but it's not that good.

She was made by the talented berugii! :D Commission her if you ever get a chance!

Tabunne~ Or should I say Audino? Nooo, I want to say Tabunne! He'll always be Tabunne to me. I collect this pink guy because he reminds me of an awesome friend of mine. <3 That's a good reason, isnt it? I'll be collecting him quite casually, probably getting things like the Zukan, Tomy Moncolle figure, and the Kid. And cute plushies, of course. <3 Right now, as you can see, I only have the "Fluffy Tabunne" Pokecen plush, the Pokecen charm and a card~

Baoppu (/Pansear), the best 5th Gen Fire type Pokemon! The others were so boring. ;< I like Baokki (/Simisear?), too. I trained one of these in my Black version and even though he wasn't like the strongest Fire Pokemon ever, I still had lots of fun training him! <3 That's why he's the one I'll collect the most seriously. x) I don't have much yet since there hasn't been too many interesting items. There's the Pokecen Baoppu plush and charm, a small Baoppu stamper, and cards of him and his evolved form, Baokki (/Simisear?).

Hiyappu (/Panpour) is also really, really cute! But her evolution is even more awesome~ I want to train one of these when I get Black or White (still haven't decided which one to get) in English! :> I want to get a lot of different figures and plushies of this line! I have the Pokecen Hiyappu plush and charm, and cards of both Hiyappu and Hiyakki (Simipour?)

Yanappu (Pansage), the one with lots and lots of merch, too bad he's my least favourite of the three! xD Anyway, he's still really adorable, and I plan to collect the nicest looking things of him. Right now I have the Pokecen Yanappu plush and charm, as well as the newer Kid (with sticker) and cards of both Yanappu and Yanakki (/Simisage?).

Choroneko (/Purrloin)... I bought the Pokecen plush and the card because I simply like cats. xD I have small collections for most of the cat-like Pokmon, so Choroneko deserves one, too! I'll most likely get the Tomy Moncolle figure, Kid and Zukan whenever they are released, but I guess that's pretty much it.

Last but definitely not the least! Zoroa/Zorua! I want to call him Zoroa buuuuuuut I really should get used to the official name, haha. :'D He's a fox, and such a cute fox, too! It was only natural for me to start collecting him. This'll be a casual collection since Zoroa has way too much merch for me to catch 'em all! I only have these three plushies of him right now (though I'm getting another one in the mail soon!). They're the talking Tomy plush, Pokedoll and Banpresto DX plush.

Zoroa figures deserved their own photo because this collection is a bit bigger than the others. I'll buy the cutest figures I'll find, not everything. :B The ones I have are the Kid, Sukui Doll, regular and clear Tomy figures and the Clipping figure! I also have the sticker that came with the Kids figure, and Clipping + TCG cards.

I've also added these two European exclusive figures to my sales post! :D There are many other figures and a couple of plush looking for new homes, too! Click the pic to be teleported:

Aaaand, the last thing for now! I'm still taking offers on a DX Pokedoll Weavile. I'm taking offers for a couple more days and then see if I decide to part with her. Click the pic to find the offer post!

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