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Dionashi's sales update! Lots of kids!

  Hey everyone!  I updated my sales post with some new items including some pokedolls and a lot of kids!  I also reduced prices of some items from my last post.  Without further ado, let's get onto the sales!


1. I only accept Paypal as payment
2. All Items are shipped from the US
3. I will hold an item for up to about 3 days as long as you're committed to buy

Shipping (packaging & paypal fee included):
Plush: $3.50 within US; $4.50 international
Figures: $2 - $2.50 within US; $3 - $3.50 international
Flats: $1.50 within US; $2.50 international

Now for the goods!~

All plush are in mint condition with tags - $18 each

Pikachu (Older Pokedoll style tag)

Older Plush~

Small Jakks Pikachu plush - $1.50
Oddish Burger King plush - $1.50
Hoothoot Reversible Pokeball plush - $3
Butterfree Burger King plush - $1.50
Charmander shiny Applause plush - $3
Meowth Hasbro plush - $2
Jigglypuff clip plush - $2
Play-by-Play Squirtle (about 8" tall) - $6
Play-by-Play Charizard (medium size) - $6
Poliwhirl Hasbro plush - $3

Gen I Kids!  -  These are $2 each and are in excellent condition

Ekans, Magikarp HOLD, Omanyte, Squirtle, Rhydon, Hitmonchan, Diglett, Dugtrio x2, Abra

These kids are $1 each.  Some has minor scruffs

Shellder, Cloyster, Geodude, Graveler, Golem, Onix, Staryu, Starmie, Tentacool, Tentacruel, Krabby, Golduck

These kids are $1 each. Some has minor scruffs

Magmar, Weepinbell, Victrebell, Oddish, Machoke, Jynx, Raticate, Tangula, Drowzee, Parasect, Electrode, Pikachu ($0.50, has marks), Charmander HOLD, Wigglytuff, Grimer

Gen II Kids! - These are $2 each and are in excellent condition

Smeargle HOLD, Elekid, Pichu, Gizamimi Pichu, Piloswine, Qwilfish, Chinchou, CLEAR Marril ($4)

These kids are $1 each. Some has minor scruffs

Totodile, Sunflora, Hitmontop, Blissey, Attack Blissey (Egg Bomb), Aipom, Sentret, Unown, Tyrogue, Spinarek

Gen III Kids! - These are $2 each and are in excellent condition

Registeel, Regice #1, Regice #2, Treecko, Dustox, Cacnea, Vibrava, Kirlia

These kids are $2 each

Torkoal, Roselia, Exploud, Marshtomp HOLD, Lileep, Wynaut, Snorunt, Lunatone, Huntail, Azurill 

These kids are $1 each. Some has minor scruffs

Gardevoir, Medicham, Plusle, Beldum, Vigaroth, Blaziken, Pelipper HOLD, Whismer, Nosepass, Mudkip, Nuzleaf, Meditite

These kids are $1 each. Some has minor scruffs

Makuhita, Hariyama x2, Crawdaunt #1, Crawdaunt #2, Solrock x2, Camelrupt, Metang, Silcoon, Cascoon

Gen IV Kids! - These are $2 each and are in excellent condition

Rhyperior, Mamoswine, Arceus, Giratina (origin forme), Bonsly, Cranidos, Turtwig, Azelf, Buizel, Dusknoir, Mow Rotom, Fan Rotom

These kids are $1 each. Some has minor scruffs

Kricketune, Bastiodon, Shellos, Gastrodon, Infernape, Heatran, Skorupi, Munchlax, Croagunk, Buizel, Grotle

These kids are $1 each. Some has minor scruffs

Piplup #1, Piplup #2, Chimchar, Burmy, Wormadam, Tangrowth ($0.75, small crack on arm), Hipopotas, Walrein, Staravia, Bronzong, Dialga

Battrio Coins!  $2.50 each~

Vespiquen, Vespiquen
Lickilicky, Lickilicky
Leafeon, Leafeon

Pikachu items! 

- Laying pikachu strap (has some marks on one side) - $3
- Pikachu bell strap without the bell :( - $2
- Mini Pikachu charm - $1
- Cheering Pikachu keychain - $2
- Sleepy Pikachu chain with basket- $2
- Flat metal pikachu charm - $2
- Pikachu with pokeballs chain - $3
- Pikachu keychain with dangly limps - $4

or $12 for all of them :D


Palkia Pokeball action keychain (you can rotate the pokeball to make Palkia move) - $2
2x Azurill flat metal charm - $2 each
Wailmer flat metal charm - $2
Surskit megablok - $1
Deoxys bell keychain - $3
Plusle keychain with dangly limps - $3
Piplup charm - $1
Turtwig keychain with biting action! - $3
Jirachi figure (has some scruffs on it) - $1
Mew keychain - $2.50
Lugia charm - $3
Chikorita paw up figure - $2
Meowth large keychain thing - $4

Large keychains and straps

DX Palkia Kid? keychain - $3
Dialga strap - $3
Large Skymin keychain - $3
Ho-oh charm - $3

I still have some of my custom Eeveelution tarot cards left!  (Poor Leafeon xD)

$2  each
Umbreons and Espeons are sold out 

Thanks for looking through :D

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