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My suicune kingdom for an Ezio

The time has come when you decide you no longer want to collect a certain Pokemon.
So it's time for some collection sales!

I'm selling off the majority of my Suicune plush collection. There's some rare plush here, including a Shiny Suicune Pokedoll up for Auction!

Sales Policies
Some things you should know:
-All my plush are regularly dusted and cleaned. No pets are allowed in my room, so all my items are allergy friendly.
-I ship 4-5 times a week.
-Prices in USD
-I ship from Australia. I will do my best to keep standard shipping rates to a minimum (It's about $8 for a small plush shipped overseas) but if you want tracking and insurance, it is extra cost.
-I DO offer payment plans. However I reserve the right to refuse a payment plan to anyone with less than 10 feedback on the community.
-Payment is due within 48 hours unless specified
-Once the item is shipped, I hold NO responsibility for lost mail. I will do my best to insure your package is shipped in the safest manner possible.
-I don't haggle on single items. However I may cut a deal for multiple items.
-I'm not looking for trades right now, Sorry!


Shining Suicune Pokedoll!

This was an impulse buy right when the Shiny beast Pokedoll promotion was in full swing. She is a gorgeous plush, but I don't really love her as I should.
PLEASE NOTE: the hand tag is not attached, but will be shipped with the Pokedoll.
Bidding starts at: $180

2000 Banpresto UFO catcher Suicune. Plush is in mint condition with hang tag still attached. bidding starts at $40. Very hard to find one of these without fabric damage.

AUCTIONS END 15:00 20/01/2010 EST (or 10:00 21/01/2010 Sydney time)

TOMY 2000 Suicune plush. MWT. $35.00

repainted suicune buildable model $10.00 SOLD

Thanks for looking!
Tags: sales, suicune
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