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Pegasus Fantasy - current wants list

Hello, community

     Never mind the first part of the title, it is just what bumped into my head and I said, 'Let's make this the title'. Sorry I know there have been already a lot of wants posts in this page. But, I just can not wait 'cause I have collected 10 feedbacks, FINALLY and YAYYY! Now I understand the feeling of collecting all League Badges. -_,- hahaha! Poor Ash I'd say. So I think it's time for my first wants+trade post.

      What I'm looking for can be found HERE - w/ pics, but just a part of it I want at this moment 'cause I can not afford that much. I've also thought about what if I can not  buy with the price I list. The solution comes out - Let's do trade if so! I'm not sure if my trades has enough attraction but let's see. BTW, I will directly buy the item at the price listed if you have them for sale. Prices are shipping included.
      Looking for: (Please let me know if some of the items are wrongly priced)
      R/S/E Sp.4 Lucario Zukan (crawling ver.) - $15
      Zapdos & Moltres DX Tomy figures - $7 each
      Venasaur clear cube figure - $7  (there is a whole set popping up on Y!J. If someone can GA that I may try help to see if I can claim Venasaur)
     ( EDIT: I think this set is so beautiful that I'd rather put it here waiting for someone GA this even I can not make Venasaur mine. ^^)

      Altaria Banpresto UFO catcher plush - $20

      Items I put to trade:
      Feel free to ask about the condition and the values I put on these.

      Also, I dunno know about the shipping part since I hardly shipped in the US, so please understand that I may ship items slow. I tend to use bubble mailers for the small ones, but how do you guys suggest to do with bigger ones like Blastoise figure and Smeargle plush?

      Another thing in my mind is that how people do trading negotiate the shipping cost if the size of items from both has a big difference? Do you add that cost to the value in your item or do you just ignore that cost? Please let me know.
      Finally, let's start and I will claim your SOUL.
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