Rythen Eugea (dunsparce) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Rythen Eugea

Quick sales~

Hey! I need some of this stuff outta my house!

Inside is neat stuff. Including a CLEAR DUNSPARCE KID. omg that's rare.

This is a Parasect Zukan piece and a Rotom Keshipoke!
Parasect is $1
Rotom is $3

Here is that sexy Dunsparce Clear Kid! Quite rare, I've only seen 4 in my time collecting!
(I bought a second thinking mine had a weird clear color... nope! They all look like this!)
He is only $8! Holy wow!

Is is a Raichu in a Pokeball! You can store cards and stuff in it! Or other figures! I put that sticker there, but you can remove it if you so please.
Raichu? Is $10! But haggle with me! I've only seen this one and Gin's, though!

Woah! Tiny things! The ones in packages are Keshipoke! Mew is an old charm, and the MD box holds a DS cart! Crazy!
Cynda and Scizor are $3 each!
Mew is $5!!
That box? Just $2! (I might have a chain I can put on it, if you need. MIGHT)

Oh dude here are some LASER BEAMS now! ...no, it's just an awesome card holder!
It can hold a bunch of cards, but is only as large as one card (there's a bunch of single card pages).
I bet you can make it hold more if you slip two cards in each pouch back to back! And look at those legends!
This beast? Only $3 for you!

BUT WAIT! That holder? If you pay $13, I will put lots of cards inside! Back to back, commons, uncommons, rares, and maybe a holo or two! $10 more for lots of cards!

So if you read, watch out, you may possibly have a new awesome super power!
If you didn't, well tough cookies, no laser beams for you!
Tags: cards, cyndaquil, dunsparce, figures, kids, rotom, sales
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