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Arcanine UFO Catcher up for Offers + Leftover sales! + SHIPPING STATUS

sup guys.

Arcanine has been BIN'd! <3

I'm putting my Arcanine UFO Catcher up for offers! I'm not really into Arcanine that much anymore, and I kinda got this plush as sort of a substitute for the lack of official Growlithe plushes (soon after I got him, the Growlithe canvas came out, haha!). I'm still kind of attached though, and I'm not sure whether I should let him go, but I do need money, so we'll see how offers go.


Pawsies c:

As you can see, he is MWT and is in perfect condition.


- This is an offers post, meaning that if the offers aren't where I want them to be, I can reject them.

- Minimum offer increments of $1 please.

- I ship from California, USA. I'm willing to ship internationally but please keep shipping costs in mind.

- I would prefer to ship him in a box so I don't have to squish him, but if you would prefer a bubble mailer, please let me know.

- Once this item leaves my hands, I am not responsible for the package. If you want insurance, tracking or anything else, let me know and I will factor that into the total costs.

- Offers will end a week from now on January 22, 2011 at 9:00:00 PM PST!

- Offers start at $50 with a BIN of $100!

Aside from offers, I have a few items left in my sales post: CLICK ME

I've lowered the prices of the DX Fuzzy Pichu and Pikachu. Please just take them away! ;____;

Also, take all my left over kids for only $10! Feel free to offer ANYTHING for any of my left over plushes. I will most likely accept. I just want everything gone!

Thanks guys! <3


Oh yeah! I forgot to mention!

Anyone who has bought anything from my sales post... if you bought anything earlier on in the week, your items were shipped yesterday! The rest of you who bought items from me.. they were shipped today! c=

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