mandysaurus_rex (mandysaurus_rex) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Looking for and a questions

I am in search of the Lugia Bottle Cap Figure, a Feraligatr and Kyogre TFGs

I can't say for sure if I can buy all these or not right away
but I do have some money left in my paypal and I want to check to see how much I'd need to get those 3 things

I just bought some of my major wants and also just bought a Luxray DX Plush O wO
Must say I am beyond excited for them all to arrive.

and a small question about pokemon kids.

Is it possible to paint them if say they have some of their color chipped off?
Is there a certain paint better then others?

I recently re-found my Mew Pillow.
Now I am thinking of selling it, but I can't say for sure. :x

if you have a price suggestion or a offer you'd like to make let me know!

(do note the pic isn't my pillow, just a stock photo since I'm still waiting for my new camera cord :P )

Thanks for any and all help!

Sorry if I posted too quickly
I didn't check to see if my last post from thursday was off the first page or not yet.

I was just excited to find help to look @ A@

If I did I'll delete this right away!
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