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Cutest Bellsprout ever~

During my sporadic exploration of Y!J for possible GAs for you lovely folks to get your poké-paws on, I stumbled upon a lot of figurines. The English translation says they're Bandai capsule figures, but I'm looking for a little more info than that.

Unfortunately, there wasn't a lot for GAs tonight, because a lot of stuff either ends in several hours, or has a huge big war going on it. :(
If I DO happen to find any potential GAs, I will happily edit this post with the details. ^_^

And now a side question! Sure, a lot of us had plushies and figurines and cards, but it's rare for anyone to mention clothing. Idea for this question came from seeing a pack of Best Wishes boys' underwear during my Y!J adventures. xD What trendy threads did you rock back in the day? Did you ever wear an article of Pokemon clothing out completely? Did you ever have a problem with your prized limited edition collectors hat being stolen by a monkey?
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