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bless the little queen。

Hi everyone! I got the two packages in the mail today that I wanted for my collection update. :3 So here it is~ And it's a pretty big one. I've gotten so much great stuff lately!

First of all, here's all the new plushies I've gotten since my last update:

They're all so amazing~ Especially the talky Pokabu! But I'll spazz over him later. I'm so happy that the Johto starter pokedolls got released over here! I never ever thought I'd get a Cyndaquil pokedoll. It's so adorable, and sticks on shoulders really well. It also has an adorable lumpy butt. And the Cynda walky! :D I've wanted a walky for so long! I love it so much~

Oh, and FLOOOON~ After constantly missing cheap Jakks Drifloons, I finally got one. I love his dangly legs~

:3 LOOK AT THEM BE ORANGE AND CUTE. Big Bu got to me on Christmas eve. ♥ Which was perfect, since he was my Christmas present from my girlfriend. He is SO soft and cuddly! Sometimes he's anti-social and not talkative, but he's getting better. The talkies really are adorable, I definitely recommend getting one. And look how big he is compared to the pokecan Pokabu(I gotta get used to Tepig fff)! I'm still thinking of a name for him, though my cousin has given him the name Prince Kabubu. XD;

Accidental fire starter collection. Er..while I was on vacation recently, someone put that Torchic and Cynda into the kleenex box like that.. I thought it was kinda cute, so I've left them in it for now. XD; I'm considering decorating it with stickers and stuff.

TOGEPI LINE! :D Aha, I was excited when I realized I had plushies of them all. Isn't the friends plush the only official Togetic plushie? He's so little compared to the other two, haha. The Togepi pokedoll is ADORABLE and I love it to bits! *A*

And here is Togepi chilling in my moonchair.

People of pkmncollectors, I present to you...

The Skitty tower! With the addition of the pokedoll, I had to move my other Skitties off their spot on my tv. The pokedoll can not stand on his all. He's like all tummy and no feets. But he can balance against a surface! And they happen to stack on top of each other nicely~ Oh, and I made a little bell collar for the pokedoll, as you can see. :'3

More evolutions~

The change to pokeball Mareep is so TINY! But so cute. ♥

Sneasel and Weavile! Man, Sneasel is so derp. But the Weavile pokedoll is so cute and fierce! I decided to collect Weavile(and Sneasel a bit) on the side, since it gets so many badass looking figures. So far I have these two, and these:

I love Weavile kids! I know there's a bunch of em too. The other Weavile is missing his tail, but I got him for free with the kids.

I got one other new figure, too

Really small, but I love it! The clearness is so cool looking. I need more Chikoritas.

Here's my current plush collection, minus the fire starters!

I'm starting to run out of room on those shelves! Poor Dratini got moved to a lonely corner. I have some shelves that would be great for plushies in my closet, I just don't know if I have the room. We're moving in a few months though, so I can fit them into my new room at least.

Just one more thing to show off~

*A* I've wanted this for months! It's soooo cute, and actually pretty roomy. I might use it for a wallet.

Thanks for looking! Have a cute Sentret.
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