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120+ Tomy and ETC GA update


LUCKY DAY! The figures were waiting in my room when I came home from work.
I haven't gotten a chance to look over the figures aside from the Lugia, Kyogre, and Groudon, which are all in pretty good condition, aside from a little obvious wear and a few scuffs, mainly on Kyogre..

Spreadsheet is located here!
EDIT: So, all excited I started to go through and sort these guys... The majority of them seem to be really well made bootlegs. I can't express how sorry I am about all of this, you guys. The figures themselves for the most part look identical to the TOMYs, but the paint job is a little off. Again, I can't express how sorry I am. I'll be taking pictures of these per person and sending them to you for the final call. In the original auction, I made note of the bootie possibility, and I did say that I would give them for 1/2 price if they turned out to be booties. I'm sticking to this, despite having to pay that from my own pocket. Again, I am
deeply sorry for all of this, you guys. Anyways, they're good for a laugh, scaring your roommates, or repaints, so it's not ALL bad.
My boyfriend has shown me the Kyogre is especially good at singing the American Dad theme song.
Please send to ThisUsernameFails @ gmail.com.

There will be freebies! I'll have the shipping totals posted by tomorrow morning, but more likely tonight. Pick up to 2 extra figures to tack on for the first... 14 or so I think? Either way, first come first serve, or I'm just tossing them in packages XD
Pick from here

Beyblade dude, tentacruel, and mewtwo gone

Pidgeot gone, Lickitung and Slowbro not available!
charmystar I HAVE NOT yet received payment from you! Please send payment ASAP!
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