Sheshy-San (eevee_kins) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Feedback + New Old School Sales and Offers

All items where shipped out on monday,both U.S And intel some of you may have already received your items if you have time you can leave me feedback here
,if you want feedback just post your link!

With that said I received a big box of pokemon goods,
Party Favors xD,like sliders,tic-tac-toe..paddle balls lots of crazy stuff owo!
Beach Towel and lots more,I also still have  gold mini model lot and some old eeveelution tomys for sale still.Im also taking offers on a Larvitar Plush,unsure of brand it maybe tomy feel free correct me and also the Lugia Hasbro Talking Figure.Im taking offers since I dont know price and want to give everyone a chance.

Preview c:

For sales go here!
Offers for the Lugia and Larvitar go here aswell. thanks for reading Guys ^_^
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