cardwhale (cardwhale) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Couple of wants, and zukan auction came in!

Whoooo! First of all, the zukans all came in! ^_^ I will be going through the box and buying envelopes later tonight. It only took 2 days to get to me which is amazing. Shipping post will be tomorrow I presume, so keep a lookout for that! =D

Now for my little wants post, I know, I know... xD But I haven't posted a wants post for a REALLY long time! :D i want to treat myself.

Luvdisc plush! This little guy
I got this off google images. It has a chain around it I think. This is my most wanted. :(
Grimer Pokedoll
Sudowoodo Plush )Keychain I believe) or the big Pokemon Center Version!

Mightyena TFG, Salamence TFG, Diglett TFG.
**Will only purchase Salamence if you or another seller has a Mightyena TFG, please!**

Magar Line zukan with the fire base

Croagunk Compact Mirror
Cyndaquil "Attack" Keychain

That's it. Thanks for looking. I know these things are hard to find so I'm not getting my hopes up. BUT THANK YOU EVERYONE!
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