sкyвяεαкεя (berry) wrote in pkmncollectors,


Hi! I just got home from the holidays and I got a bunch of Pokemo stuff for Christmas, as well as stuff I had ordered when I got home!

Does that Munchlax look familiar? :D
If you live in the Edmonton, Alberta areas, I got that Turtwig PokeCenter plush at Gamecity in Londonderry Mall, and they had several as well as the other starters and Pikachu.

Mini Shaymin collection.

All done!

Also, I'm looking for Reshiram items. Not the huge, expensive plushes just yet, but smaller ones(if there are any!) and Reshiram kids and Zukans and... stuff.

Other things I'm interested are Pokemon with multiple colours - shinies, Shellos, the new Bambi-pokemon (I forgot their name already!), Burmy, etc. My last request is anything to do with the G/S protagonists and rivals. ANYTHING. Thanks for looking!
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