Sacha (rivalsacha) wrote in pkmncollectors,

The unavoidable wants post

Indeed. I know, I dislike sorting through these posts as much as the rest of you. But it must be done.

I am mostly interested in buying plush (even if it's a custom plush you bought or are selling and want to be rid of) or TOMYs of the following pokemon:
Ninetails or Vulpix
Sandslash or Sandshrew
(I will seriously jump on things pertaining to those four pokemon, especially ninetails, then vulpix to a lesser degree... if it's not too overpriced)
Growlithe or Arcanine

You don't even have to waste time telling me a bunch of details, if you have something just please comment and link me to your sales post or something. ;u;
Btw a quick note. I love this community sooo much. You're all amazing. Everyone is so nice and things run so smoothly. You're all awesome. <3
(Also please don't be insulted if I pass up your offers. I only have so much money to spend, and I can always come back when I have more, right? xD;)
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