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Update/Collection Progress & Translation Help?

My first collection update of the new year~! :D Most of my things have come in, so I figured I'd do my update now! I've gotten soooooooo many things since Christmas! (Thank you Christmas Cash. I love you.) I'm still waiting on my jumbo Shinx, but I don't want to wait until Tuesday to update...XD So anyway, my update~

We'll start with some things I got at the mall and Kinokuniya today!

Sentret? On a shirt? How could I resist? ; A; Though they were hatin' on the Pichu/Pikachu/Raichu shirt. They had none.

Zorua is from the mall and Pachirisu was a Christmas gift from my mom. :3

A Celebi hand puppet~ I'm not a huge celebi fan, but it was too cute for me to not take home!
Does anyone know anything about it? Is it rare or anything? I couldn't find one on regular sites. It's made by Takara Tomy ARTS and had the Zoroark movie logo on the tag too.

My current Pokedoll collection~ :D Zorua(Chance) and Chillarmy(Smokie) are new. I named my Chillarmy Smokie in memory of my pet chinchilla who passed away in November. D: This way, she can stay a part of the family forever.

On a happier note: I've finally completed my Buizel kids set! (Minus any clears) They all look so good together. :3 (I wish I had the card for swimming Buizel though...I love the card art.)

The beginnings of my Teddiursa side collection!
I'm also trying to start collecting Sentret and Furret. (It's a slow process.XD I do have a Sentret Tomy on the way though!)

I re-organized my kids. Pansage is new. :D I think my Shaymins look so organized there too. I got a cute magnet figure and chou gets from larvitarscar!I also got my very first clear kid~! They're actually really cool! And I got Plusle and Minun(I also hope to collect them someday too...XD) from helloskitty.

And here's everything else I got!

And lastly...I've been here for 4 months now and my collection has grown so much! When I first got here, I only had ONE Shinx figure!(The attack kid) As far as my plushies go, I was only missing the first Jakks plush. Here are my smiley lions now!

I am SO sosososo happy to have this Shinx folder! They were sold in a bundle so I actually have 4 of them...>_>; I use one, display one, I'm saving one for next year, and I'll probably sell the fourth. The same also applies to the Eevee folders. I'm happy the pair was Shinx and Eevee because that was my Mystery Dungeon team. :D
And here is one of my personal favorites:

Wind-Up Shinx! :DDD I LOOOVE wind-up toys. I always have. So a wind-up Shinx is like heaven for me! He's so cute clicking around in little circles!

If you're still reading this(You are awesome if you are...XD) I need some translation help.
I speak very little Japanese and I've been trying to figure out everything my talking Zorua says. D: There are some that I just can't figure out. I'm positive that I'm spelling them wrong or something. (Please correct me if I'm wrong on anything!It's how I'll learn~ And sorry if I sound like an idiot for being so far off or something. The question marks mean I'm really unsure about them.)
Here's what I have so far:
1. Zutto tomodachi dazo "We'll always be friends!"
2. Oi,Tsuyoin dazo "Hey, I'm Strong!"
3. Waratchau zo "I'm going to laugh!"
4. Morasugu aeru zo(モラすぐ あえるぞ)This one is on the box but I don't know if it's spelled right.
5. Omae Ii yatsu dazo "You're a good person!"
6. Maa tasukeni iikun dazo "I'm going to help Maa(?)"
7. Maa ni aitai zo "I want to see Maa(?)"
8. Tsui shabetchatta dazo (I have nothing on this one. It's also not on the box so I can't spell it. I found this one somwhere on the internet.)
Tags: celebi, furret, oshawott, sentret, shaymin, shinx, teddiursa, zorua
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