Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,

the time has come, its for the best i know it!

guess i will join this party of sending a few buddies along to homes with more space. four awesome items for offer under the cut, including a huge 2 foot long luxio, two lion beanie babies, and the coolest poster, like, everrr!

i will be taking offers until thursday, or when they stop coming in, basically.

this is probably my final weeding of some of my yumi yutaka lions. yumi yutaka was a notorious DA plush artist who has been uncomissionable for years, meaning you can NO LONGER commission plush from her at all! three or so years ago she ended up making a dozen or so lion plushies for me, all in various shapes and sizes. i've been trying to make room for different artists with many styles and fabrics, but these are probably my final three YY plush i will ever let go of!

they are:
TWO FOOT LONG floppy cuddle MINKY! luxio
Shiny Shinx Beanie Baby (20 CM)
Regular Luxray Beanie Baby (20 CM)

first up is this very very big minky fabric floppy and snuggly luxio! he is about 2 feet long, and has lived in my hammock safe from all ferrets for his whole life. you can pose him in any way you like! i am looking for offers around 200$ for him. feel free to offer less, otherwise make your offers as a reply to any previous offer in the appropriate thread!

with luxray beanie!

image from my website (a bit old, but gets the idea across):

next up are these two adorable beanie baby lions. they are floppy, full of beans, can be posed, and are handheld size, perfect even for the lion lover without much space. i am looking for offers around 60$ each for them. same as with big luxio, feel free to offer less, or more, but offer as a reply to any previous offers. threads are below!

some pics from my website:

finally this huge and aweeeesome poster!!! it's gigantic! it's actually from a full-size calendar. i bought it long ago but never found the proper place to display it, so it's been rolled up and lonely. it features some of my favourite pokemon, and also a lot of pokemon loved a lot by the community! give this awesome poster a home. looking for offers starting at 25$. thread is below!

and of course, sunyshore! i've added new zuruggu items and some other goodies. if you want to combine anything with your pokedoll/zuruggu plush order, just include the order number of the original order and the word COMBINE!! in the note when you order the new items! i will combine and send a small shipping refund.

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