Vulpecula (astralvulpes) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Shipping Information, Ebay Stuff

I will be mailing my last round of packages sometime this week before Thursday.

Due to time constraints, no international packages will be mailed this week - I really apologize for the inconvenience, but I am extremely busy this week, so I can only mail stuff through the APC. :/ Also, if you paid with an e-check, your items will not be mailed until they have cleared.

I have one payment in my box from - what did you buy from me? ^_^;

Last but not least, I have some Pokemon related ebay auctions up right now, including an Espeon pokedoll, some Pokemon Season 1 boxsets, Mesprit/Uxie UFOs and I will be adding an Eevee pokedoll later on. ^_^

EDIT: Forgot to add this - I am going out of town from March 6th-11th, so nothing will be mailed during this time. International packages will be mailed reasonably soon when I come back. ^_^
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