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I was struck with sudden inspiration at 11:30 PM last night and decided to rearrange some of my collection C: Also, new Pokedoll get!

hi im 5 years old

My zukan all used to reside on another shelf that was kind of out of the way.. decided to swap them with where my Poliwhirl collection used to live and I think I like this layout better :D

I love zukannnn~

I really love this Flareon. Just look how happy he is! *u*

These guys are rocking out on the other side of the zukan shelf. (Find the Pikachu!) If anyone happens to have any of the other lawyers from the AceAttorney figure set like Phoenix and Edgeworth and Godot there, let me know! I need a full set ;n; I don't want to spam up the comm with too much non-Pokemon stuff, so here's a closeup of Minish Cap guys (and two rejects) in the corner there, and the goofy Wii/Nintendo stuff.

Shelf of Disarray. Some of my favorite random figures.. I have another smaller shelf crammed with not-quite-as-cool-but-still-neat kids and stuff, which I need to re-do someday..

Sheeeelf ahh I apologize for giant pictures asdf

The other side of the shelf, featuring my Pikachu swarm - most of which I've had since I first got into Pokemon forever ago C:

Pokedoll shelf! Can you spot the newbie? It's not Peachy this time..

TA-DAAA this is my very first Eeveelution Pokedoll C: His name is Sissel because I am a gigantic nerd. (go play ghost trick right now.)

I finally get to experience the joy of Faceplanting Oldschool Eeveelutions! He faceplants, and he faceplants hard.

Canvaspix kindly offers to assist him in standing up. Oh my god I never was a huge Eeveelution nut but look at those eyes *u* He's so perfect.

Max immediately took a liking to him. (And in return, he was immediately covered in a layer of cat hair because dark fabric magnetically attracts light hairs.)

whatcha dooooin' :>

.. you're about a month late there buddy, sorry.

Bigpix and His Highness have put aside their differences and are now bffs. (GigaDerpachu and Kyogre lounge in the background.)

.. that's it C: Thank you for reading!

.. meme time? What's your Pokemon's favorite video game? :D Take a picture of them playing!

Also, shameless sales plug! Dropped prices on some things and took new pictures of all plush/figures since the old post was getting confusing with what was and wasn't sold. Fun! Includes a minty-mint Palkia pokedoll, oh boy!! I'm always open to haggling/trades and am currently after AceAttorney stuff if you happen to have any laying around :U
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