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Group Auction

Ever wanted one of these? Well now's your chance!

Ok guys, I found one of these sets up on Y!JA, but the going rate is about $90 without SMJ fees etc.

So I'm looking to do a group auction because I can not justify that amount right now, but I really don't want this opportunity to slip by either. I figure it's worth a try.
I will be keeping the eeveelutions set, but every other set is fair game right now.

Of course, if you have the money and you're that way inclined, go theft it.

For this auction, I will ask for payment after I make the winning bid, and a shipment to you payment after I recieve the items. If you agree to bid a certain amount for a zukan, you have to agree to paying before I even get the item. And please do not back out. Make sure you are willing to pay that amount before you bid!

So to get the set, I'm looking for $90-$100. ^^;
This means about $10 per set, give or take.

Pidgey set - $15 efia

Clefairy set - $17.51 andyboyh

Mankey set - $5 Starting bid

Hitmontop set - $10 eggsterminatus

Scyther set - $7 shiny_vulpix (deputying for psychmoonshadow)

Hoppip set - $25 eggsterminatus

Gilgar - $5 battyvitae

Dunsparce - $5 featherclaw

Houndour set - $20 kasaii

Groudon - $10 scarsofsunlight (pending middleman)

I'll start it now, and carry it on until we have a total amount worth me bidding. I will then end the bidding one day after I get confirmation that SMJ have bid and I have won. I will let you know nearer the time when this will be.

Thanks guys!

:edit: Please reply to the person with the highest bid in the comments! Makes life easier for everyone...

AUCTION OVER! Thankyou guys, see next update for details on how to pay =3
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