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A First collection Post of the Top Percentage.

Hello everyone!!  I've been hanging around since October 2010 and I'm sure you've seen me poke my nose around in sales and GAs.  Though I am still waiting on a few packages, I am going on a week long trip and am planning a move so my activity may dwendle until I've settled in my new place(in a new state too!).  But I wanted to show off what you wonderful folks in this community have helped me accomplish so far!

First up is my main collection!  Though still very modest!  Prior to this community all I had was the Stunky plush. =3  I absolutly love rodents so it came to no surprise that my pokeloves would be rattata and stunky.  I will collect Raticate and Stunktank, but I am a bigger fan of their basic forms.  Both are angry purple munchkins =3
I am on the lookout for the Rattata/Raticate Zukan and mini molds/metal figures.  I love my rattata customs too!

^^These are my flats for the rats! =D  As you can see I'm missing quite a bit and I am a big fan of illustrations since I am a childrens book illustrator.  the main ones I am looking for are any Holo, R. Holo and Dark (team rocket) Raticates

Next up are my side collections (ones I just can't help but love too!)  I plan on having Bunneary join Rattata and Stunky in my mains.  I hope to make the Electric twins and Pink bulldog my main side collections.  Riolu is on his way of becoming a memeber of my household as well.  I can't help it cute things... I just love them!

VV Here is my MISC collection, Larvitar is the Mcdonalds toy.  After seeing the Hide and Seek short film I had instant love for adorable pinecone butt. =3 alas I am too poor to seriously collect him XD  Phanpy, Teddiursa, Shinx,Pokabu and Latias/Latios are just too cute for words so of course they found their way into my home, the larger shinx is the talking plush.

vv  Here are some customs some very talented friends of mine made, including grassius and junoluver (all except the bellplushie Larvitar and rattata she made, larvitar is in my car while the rattata is only in my main collection picture)

And here are a few of my own pokeCustoms that will soon be a part of my friends' colelctions =3  

Phew..that's all for now, thank you for looking!!! 
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