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A newbie's introduction and first collection post!

Hello there! I'm Molly and I'm very new here. Seriously, I joined around the sixth of January 2011 and had only been lurking for a few days before that. But I already feel so at home here and have thoroughly enjoyed every minute! I must give a shout out to likeatruck  who's gorgeous collection convinced me to start collecting! <3

A little bit about me: I'm eighteen about to turn nineteen (birthday is Feb. 4th woo!) and I'm a college freshman. I've been a Pokefan ever since the anime came out in America and I have distinct memories of watching it every morning when I went to elementary school. I was a bit of a card collector when I was younger, and would often trade with my friends as well as a player of the GameBoy games (I have Red through Crystal but have never beaten a single one XD) My love for Pokemon dropped off during the third generation as I was "growing up" but was rekindled when I heard about Platinum. I got a DSi and Platinum for Christmas '09 and picked up SoulSilver not too long after that. With my excitement for Black and White and my new hobby I can definitely say my Pokelove is rekindled! Hooray! :D

Now, on to the collection. Forewarning, it is small and started out with stuff I had left over from childhood but already this place has helped me expand it and give it some cohesion.

This is where my collection started. Everything is from my childhood except for the Mijumaru Pokecen plush and the Zorua keychain which I got this past Christmas. As well as the Dream Team Card Thing, which was a Christmas present from my BFF and is so lovely <3. I also made the Pokeball after taking up amigurumi this past summer.

Now for the "update"! Coming to you in a photostory! I just had to, I was so excited for my first package from the comm!

Miju: What is it?!
Gengs: It's a package, obviously.
(You will soon find my Pokemons' names are not that creative XD)

Tragically One-Winged Charizard: STAND BACK! I'LL OPEN IT!

Gengs: That wasn't very effective, man. *sigh* *thinking: I have to do everything!*

Miju: I wonder what's inside!

Miju: It's rather dark and cramped in there!

THE GOODS! These came from 99reddrifloons as the note says and I have to say she's awesome <3 I had ordered the 'nats as well as the Haunter and Gengar FCS figures and SOMEHOW missed Gastly so she threw him in for free :') I'm so, so thankful!

Group shot! Have you guessed it yet? I collect purple pokes! Well, the ghostbros and the 'nat (As well as Drifloon and Butterfree but their merch is in transit) for now but ONE DAY, maybe more.

At home on the shelf!

So, then, today I got my second package and the thing in it is SO COOL I just had to include it.

GHOST EVOLVER! Holy-, this thing is soooo neat. I got it from meeka_meerkat   and I suggest you watch the video she made of it to soak in it's awesomeness.

The Topps cards are also from meeka_meerkat. I had these when I was younger so there's nostalgic value. Venonat kid snuck in because it's so photogenic! Also, I will collect Ekans one day but this was all I could justify for now.

And another shelf update! I want to document my collection every bit of the way.

Tragic 'zard is holding the notes from my packages because I love them too much to throw them away. Doodles <3

SO THAT'S IT! I hope I didn't overwhelm you with pictures XD I really love taking them! I was actually going to wait to post until I got my early birthday presents but I couldn't resist sharing! What I am expecting to get: a Drifloon canvas plush and a ~mystery plush whom I think is a Tomy Mijumaru! I also have lots of things in the mail but won't be able to see those until I come home for Spring Break D: Oh well! I am still so, so happy to be here and looking forward to the future collecting! Thank you for looking! /ramble.

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