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Kyogre Collection

'Was going to wait until I get my next SMJ box to make an epic post with ALL of my specific collections, but why not post the one collection I've been ITCHING to show off for a while? To start off, I got this beauty of a card in the mail on Friday, and it only cost me $11 shipped from eBay:

It'll be a nice compliment to my shiny Kyogre kid, which is on its way from SMJ. :3 (I also pulled a Shiftry ex a few days ago; I never expected to get that lucky again after pulling a Flygon ex a few months ago. What made it even sweeter was that I was actually planning to buy that very card the morning I bought the pack it was in!)

The top of one of my small display shelves is exclusively reserved for these guys and they have taken over! D: Zukan on the left, and miscellaneous figures including kids, TFG (so gorgeous!), pencil topper, phone strap, chocoball toy, windup toy, sealed TOMY, pokedex figure, and... something else I'm not quite sure. (It's on a stand at the very least.)

My beloved TOMY plush and pokedoll along with the pretty Manaphy/Kyogre card file, Kyogre Star card, and two figures that didn't fit on the shelf. On the left is the alt zukan (it didn't come with its clear base so it's a little wobbly) and the one on the right appears to be a gashapon figure if only because the stamps on the bottom read "C05" and it's manufactured by TOMY, somewhat poseable, and, obviously, slightly bigger than the zukan. Don't know anything about it otherwise.

Last but not least... my DS Lite complete with stylus pen, stylus strap, and phone strap (different from the above, of course). :3 Reiterating what I said when I first posted this months ago, the stylus pen and stylus strap were the first two Kyogre things I bought, and the collection itself kinda snowballed from there, so it's only appropriate that I pay homage by decorating my entire DS Lite with Kyogre. (If only they released the blue/black Lite in 2006, it would be PERFECT for this!)

On a side note, to those who bought kids from me recently, I plan to mail everything on Wednesday; I was planning to do things much earlier, but something happened and I really can't focus on driving right now and tomorrow it's forecasted to rain, and even then I still need to buy more envelopes. Thanks for your patience.

unowncafe, your figure was mailed on Friday.
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