Vulpecula (astralvulpes) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Tiny (last bit) of Collection Weeding and POKEMON DSes!

Doing my last bit of collection weeding before I go out of town. ^_^

Also, all packages that have been paid for normally (not through e-checks) that are within the United States have been mailed - the only exception being candycafe, which I will try to mail yours before I leave. I should be able to make one more post office run before, but it will only be on packages that are domestic.



Clear Kids - both in pristine condition. Togekiss - $8, Glaceon - $21


Latios Pokedoll - Pristine condition with all tags - $15


Pokekids - All are in great condition; Riolu - $3, Lucario (attacking?) - $5, Lucario (looking up with mouth open) - $6, Mew - $10, Latias - $6, Blissey - $4, Poochyena (looking up) - $6, Poochyena - $6


All right - after seeing norkia's nifty DS, I decided to take a picture of mine. ^_^ Not neat as the other with all of the Kyogre's on it, but I like mine anyway. I don't really have a 'theme' for it persay, since I've got Jirachi hanging off of it, a Pokemon Ranger DS case, and a Mystery Dungeon protector on it. The colour of my DS is ice blue, but you can't really see it too much. XD

Now, let's see those POKEMON themed DSes!
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