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GA updatessssss

 Hey guys :) Just got boring old GA things to talk about.

First a reminder that this GA ends in 2 days!

click the pic or HERE to go!

We're doing really really well so far! And, dare I say it *touch wood of course* right now discounts are looking pretty likely :D I've also asked noppin as to which the two pokedoll figs are that we can't see, but no response yet. I'll keep you guys updated! We've also added another bidding thread as we believe we've identified which pokemon are in the top left corner!
Includes really rare pokedoll figures such as hoenn starters, jirachi and more! Also incudes attack dioramas and more really rare items! Check it out! :D 

ALSO! This GA is in!

No shipping totals yet, because the extras are up first! And its open to non-GA participants!  PARTICIPANTS ONLY NOW 

Legendary birds sticker: $1

wipe off colouring sheet! Blastoise is on the back as you can see! $0.50

fuzzy figs (includes beedrill and pikachu): $1
charmander line tomys: $1 

deoxys, plusle, minun wobblers: $1 non participants, $0.50 each participants
Houndoom vs Pikachu stickers: $2 non participants, $1 participants
mudkip cup: $0.50
Kanto starters timer watch: $2 non participants, $1 participants
pikachu bouncy ball: $0.25

small purses/bags! $1 each non participants, $0.50c each participants

lapras chess piece: $5 non participants, $3 participants
meowth electronic coat hanger (yes I know its suggestive...) $1 participants $2 non participants
surfing pikachu kid? $3 non participants, $1.50 participants ON HOLD
pikachu minimodel with car: $2 non participants, $1 participants ON HOLD
pikachu diecast car: $2 non participants, $1 participants
farfetch'd, mamoswine keshipoke, psyduck stamper: $0.50 participants, $1 each non participants
bootleg pichu: free with purchase non participants, free on request participants

mew wooden meiji charm: $3 non participants, $1.50 participants
pikachu wooden charm: $0.25 ON HOLD
ash, chimchar mantyke phone charms: $0.50c each 

sentret figure keychain:  $1.00
pichu x1, totodile keychains $0.50 each participants ON HOLD
roaring dialga, torchic, combusken keychains/straps:  $0.25c each participants

3D retsuden magnets: $0.25c each participants
Shaymin can badge (seems to be dented inwards) $2 non participants, $1 participants
pikachu, plusle, minun badge: $1 non participants, $0.50c participants
kyogre sticker: $0.10c participants
psyduck magnet: $0.10C

mcdonalds toys $0.25 EACH

pikachu pen: $0.50c participants
pikachu tomy: $0.50C
giraffarig zukan piece? (peg snapped inside) $2 non participants, $1 participants
sleepy pichu battle stadium: $0.50
kyogre...whistle? $2 non participants, $1 participants ON HOLD
Charmander in a bag! $0.50c participants, $1 non participants

mcdonalds pokedex flat (has pen marks): free on request
dialga mini seal book with stickers inside (has a crease) : $2 non participants, $1 participants
clear slowpoke battle stadium? : $2 non participants, $1 participants
pencil toppers, featuring: dialga, palkia, giratina, regigigasand 3rd stage sinnoh starters I believe: $0.50

tin coin purses! torchic x2 are $0.50 each
skitty (delcatty on other side!) is $2

arceus movie poster (dont worry echinezakira...there were two!) $0.50c
pichu metal keyring (starting to split): $0.25
sealed pikachu metal keyring: $0.50 

ALL $0.25c each

PHEW! that was a lot of extras! Please comment if youre interested in anything! If youre a participant I'll add your claims to the spreadsheets so I can calculate shipping accordingly; non participants, you will pay for your items now :D Thanks much for looking!

AND FINALLY, to make this post a little less GA centric, a collection update teaser!

look at all those land sharks ;A;

Till next time!
Tags: absol, articuno, flygon, groudon, group auction, houndoom, jirachi, kyogre, lapras, moltres, pikachu, sales, slowpoke, torchic, zapdos
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