artikgato (artikgato) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Shipping Update! Also, you want that Quagsire, you know you do.

Good news everyone! If you won any of the items from my recent offers post:

Your item has been shipped! That's popicecream , mana_mihara , mewstor , roxiexcore , and volbeatwaltz .

Also, see that clear Quagsire kid? Nobody wanted him! Sadness. =( So I'm trying one more time before I put him in some dark corner of one of my regular sales posts. I'm asking either $3 or I'll trade directly for another kid~ (Kids I'm looking for include Masquerain, Jumpluff, any of the Dewgong kids, the newer Seel kids, Spoink, Spheal, and as a long shot the new attack Articuno or the pink Butterfree).

Also, fizzycat , jadekitty777  and mandyseley  : your commissions are done and I've already got them in the mail. Message me if you want a preview of the plush before it arrives!
Tags: kids, quagsire
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