gallade007 (gallade007) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Epic collection update!

The past few weeks I got very awesome, rare and cool items!!
And I want them to share with you guys! :D 

Teaser pic!

Ichiban Kuji Mijumaru plush arrived today from Play-Asia and faster than I expected! So well made and cuteee!<3

Squeeze Mijumaru keychain! (the figure on the right) I love his pose with his cute little shell in it's hand! :D

FINALLY this is mine!! The elusive European exclusive Giratina battle shooter!! Found it in a toy store which they don't have in my city.

Also bought the rare Giratina marble shooter! (from the same set with  Luxray and Magmortar)
I got the cute, little, fat Giratina Origin forme pokedoll from Dukeburger! <3 Can't thank you enough! :D

OMG, Sandshrew and Zubat Play-By-Play plushies WITH Tags!!!!!! I found them on a Dutch auction site and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw them! Got them very cheap.<3 The paper tags are unfortunately creased, but I think they are still very rare to find in this condition. The plushes itself are brand new!

A window sticker making set! XD

You can make Giratina-O and Regigigas........

..And Skymin and Pikachu

I made myself a Giratina! They are very hard to make unfortunately.. :(

So, that's all!^^ I hope you have enjoyed watching my update! :D
Soon I will come with my first want post. :)

Have a nice day to you all!^_^

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