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customs, sales, and identification post

Good day! Sorry for the unoriginal title but it gets to the point, doesn't it? XD We finished this month's batch of foam Pokemon early, so I've decided to open a few more slots. But first, here is a preview:

This time, I couldn't fit them in one picture, so to see the rest of the month's work, please head over to the Pokefoam Gallery. =) If you are interested in a foam pokemon of your own, please visit our shop by clicking the banner below:

Secondly, the last few Pokemon from my collection weedings still need a home. Sales are beneath the cut. I've also added a few zukan for sale and slashed prices on everything.

1. I accept Paypal only! I  am not able to accept checks, echecks, or money orders atm. Am currently not accepting trades.
2. I require payment upfront within 24 hours. My feedback thread is here!

1. By default, I ship First Class, no insurance, no tracking. If you want these, you must request them!
2. I ship from CA. Shipping varies between $2.50 - $3.50. This fee covers shipping/handling, packaging materials, and paypal fees.
3. Once an item leaves my hands, they are the responsibility of the postal service. I will secure them to the best of my ability.


1. Please specify your location when ordering. This is so I can give you an accurate quote.
2. Please send all payments to - remember to copy and paste this address or double check your spelling before finalizing payment

Giratina-O Pokedoll, American release, Minky, NO TAGS - $10, please give him a good home ;_;
Venusaur, Beedrill, and Dragonite tomys - $1 each
Turtwig, Grotle, and Torterra Jakks - $1 each or all three for $2.50
Burmy amd Machamp kid (Machamp has marks) - 50 cents each
Sharpedo and Staraptor cart (Hasbro) - 50 cents each
Salamence - $1

Heatran zukan - $8
Registeel zukan - $13
Rayquaza European buildable figure (NOT a zukan): $8
Absol zukan piece: $6
Tangela zukan piece: $1
Moltress zukan: $8
Feel free to haggle.

Finally, does anyone know the brand of this Rapidash? Or is she a bootleg? Although I think the fire is too detailed for a bootleg (click the photo for full-size). She's a little beaten up since I played with her when I was younger. She came with her hind legs attached to a green base which had since fallen off. EDIT: Majority opinion seems to be bootleg of a zukan! Thanks guys!

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