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Auction Reminder! Bell Plush Commission Slots + Gen 5 ACEOs

Auctions for OOAK bell plush of your choice as well as premade ACEOs featuring Unova Pokemon end on Sunday at 6 PM CST! Please take a look if you haven't, and bid while you can~

I've also added up for auction a Ninetales Chibi Stamper, something I originally intended to include but had forgotten to. It was previously something that was won in a GA but not paid for, so feel that the fairest way to resell it is to let everyone have a chance at it through auctioning it- so it's up for bidding now, and I'll end offers for it on Tuesday at the same time. Please click the image below for my auction post~

Also, I'll happily combine my auctions with anything in my sales post! :D

In regards to the Pan Sticker GA: I will finally have a chance to mail all paid for stickers on Monday. I still need payments from hamarill, kasaii and stymphalid- as I've already sent out PMs, this will be the absolute last reminder I give.
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