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I got a cute little get today that I wanted to share! :D It really kicks off a new collection of mine. What is it? Well..

Chillarmy/Minccino Takara Tomy plush! This was JUST released, I think the site I ordered from got it a little early. I really like Takara Tomy plushies, this is my second one(the other is Zorua). They're a nice size and very well made imo. And would you look at that tag? So cute! ♥

You might remember(well, probably not! xD) that when I first posted here back in September or so that I was a little unsure of what to focus on in my collection. A few months of collecting and I've finally figured it out! I decided to make my main collection Chillarmy/Minccino. :D It's so adorable, and I looove chinchillas. Of course, I'll have a ton of side collections- Cyndaquil line, Chikorita, Torchic, Skitty, Weavile, Pokabu, Zorua, and who knows what else, I have too many Pokemon I love! Buuut, it's nice to have a #1 finally. And what's great is since BW just came out, I have lots of new merch to look forward to and get as it comes!

Enough rambles from me, have some more pictures! Its tail is kind of massive:

It's as big as Chillarmy is! XD So cuuuute~

Taking a little ride on my talky Pokabu~ Who does not know how to feel about this. (also, excuse my messy bed ;w;')

I just got the little bootleg Shinx yesterday, finally. :'3 It was too cute to pass up, even though it's a bootie. It's SO tiny!

Eeee it's just so cuuuute~ ♥ If you're a Chillarmy fan you should definitely get this little guy asap~

What did YOU get in the mail today? c:
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