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Multi-purpose post

Hello, everyone. Recently I have developed a desperate passion for Tomy MC figures. ATM I am looking for these specific ones on my wantlist:
- Battle Scene Lucario (Yes, it exists. I just knew it recently) & Lugia (I saw nanoplasm helped a fellow comm. member to find one in store. So, I am curious if there is other store pick-up if it is still being sold)
- "New ver." Articuno & Zapdos (I need them to complete my legendary trio. Help!)

I have owned enough feedbacks to trade. You can show me your want list if I happen to own the one you'd like so both of us will be happy. :)

Does anyone know the worth of metallic MC figures, typically the figures in this pic?

Finally, to make this post not that boring I will attach a pic of my collection of bottle-cap figures. Yes, I take them OUT of the box!
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