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The Sales Post of Celebration

And so it came to be that there was great rejoicing through the land, for finally there was GRASSPOOF merch. Which is to say, I bring you playing card sales! Two almost-full (because I stole the Monmen and Churine) decks of lovely playing cards, with (hopefully) all your favourite Black and White Pokemon! (I AM SORRY THERE ARE NO BATPOOFS. BLAME THE STARTERS AND DEER.)


- Paypal only, all prices in USD. Payment is due within 24 hours of me giving you the total.
- The total I give you will include fees and shipping
- I ship from Australia, shipping for these starts at $1 within Australia and $2.50 outside. The cheapest method is in a regular envelope with a folded piece of paper as protection, I am happy to ship in a sleeve with toploader and bubble mailer but please specify that you want this as it will cost $1.50 extra to cover the cost of the mailer and toploader.
- There is usually a minimum 1 week wait on shipping since I have to wait for money to transfer out of Paypal to my bank account, but I will endeavour to post out within 2 weeks of receiving payment, and I will update you (either via PM or a notice on the comm) if I'm slower than this. Sometimes if I have some spare cash I can post in less than a week.
- I cannot be held responsible for things lost or damaged in the mail.. You may purchase tracking/insurance if you wish but it will cost considerably more for destinations outside Australia. If you are worried about damage I strongly recommend upgrading the packaging as described above.
- No trades at the moment (unless I owe you money), no holds unless I know you well. Only exception for trades is for video games, I like them.


- Specify which cards you want by deck (Zekrom or Reshiram), rank and suit. I don't know all the new Pokemon names yet, so that makes it way easier for me!
- If you would like a toploader/bubble mailer instead of a regular envelope, please specify that too so I can include it in your total.


Make an offer for the card(s) you want! I may choose to accept straight away or leave the offers open a little longer. If offering on multiple cards, please offer separately on each card so I can keep track of different people's offers :) As a guideline, I'm probably looking for around $1 each for the less popular Pokemon, and $2-3 for the more popular ones.


Sold: 4, 5, 8, Q

Sold: A, 4, J, Q, K

Sold: 3, 4, 9, J, Q, K



Sold: Q

Sold: A, 4, 7, J, Q, K


Sold: 2, J

I've just returned from two weeks interstate where I had very limited access and haven't been checking LJ at all, so please let me know if I've missed a GA payment post! I have received PMs about two of them, so I'll be taking care of those first thing in the morning. Just wanted to get this post up before I go to bed (and it is now almost 3am and I got up at 6am, so I think it's well past bedtime XD).
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