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Auction Reminder! Cheap Zukan and Pikachu/Pecha Berry Auction!

Hello Again!
Just a quick auction reminder
this ends in a couple of days

Bidding ends Wednesday 26 Jan 12:30 PM EDT (local time in Sydney,Australia)

Okay now let the fun begin!
Items Condition - These were bought in a lot but almost all of them are glued to there bases and some are stained if you have any questions please ask below!
as for the pikachu is in excellent condition and from my own personal collection well looked after.

Bidding Increments of $1 thankyou!

Tags: bayleef, buizel, chimchar, cyndaquil, deoxys, dialga, feraligatr, floatzel, kangaskhan, manaphy, mantyke, mew, phanpy, pikachu, piplup, remoraid, rotom, seel, shuppet, toxicroak, turtwig, wailmer, zukan
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