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Sales, collections, and more!

Ahoy hoy! I've been a member here for a bit over a month now, and I've really enjoyed being apart of the community. I have a lot of little messages and announcements, so without further ado...

Thanks - Just a quick thank-you to all who replied to my kids questions in my previous post; you've all been very helpful!

Collection - My collection page has surpassed 20 updates; check it out! To keep things from getting too crowded, I've also started a second page, currently showcasing some of my older collection items.

Wantlist - I've composed a wantlist. It's a bit basic and I'll probably update it now and then, but this covers the crux of my collection needs. If you have something I might be interested in, let me know!

HOTTIP - For those of you heading to Target for those Team Rocket Meowth balloons, Magikarp subs, or any other toy, this should help you save some scratch.

Feedback - A big thank you to those who have left feedback! This is a pretty trusting group, but it's always nice to have some credibility.

I'm a little disappointed, though, that I haven't received some feedback, especially since the majority of those who haven't left any are set up to receive feedback themselves. I'm relatively new here and would like to establish my reputation as much as possible; for those that just don't do the feedback thing, that's fine, but for those who wish to receive feedback (and thus have received some from me), I would appreciate you returning the favor here or here.

Not to call people out, but in hopes of getting their attention: I'm particularly looking for feedback from dunsparce, daynipp, and lineaalba x3 (one is fine too). (resilientspider and spacebuizel would be nice, too!)

And finally,

Candy! TFG! Legendaries! Jokes! Love?

My first sales post, in fact.

This sales post is no more.
You can visit my permanent sales page here.
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