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small collection update, with some very exciting new arrivals!

 sup brosefs, it has come to my attention that I cannot possibly wait until all my Rais who are enroute arrive, as teh most exciting are from Y!J and are negotiating shipping -.- ergo, I have opted for a mini update! which is really quite a large update, for one of my main collections :3 you guise ready?

first to arrive was the exciting, exciting, exciting mini-grail that is Sofapoke! he's so squishyyyy and perfect :3 do ignore my knees and my incredibly messy bedroom behind 'Poke, I was super super super excited and just immediately took loads of photos of him :3
 SOFA SIDE VIEW OMG WTF. he's sooooooooo awesomeeeee!
 THEEEEN some more bros arrived! I obviously only bought this lot from French eBay for Slowpoke :3 and I certainly wasn't expecting the terrifying lovely Snorlax! the shipping was fairly insane -.- and if I ever get around to getting sales permission (I do plan to, I'm just shy and quite the social retard with things like dat :<) then I may put some of the others up for sale, although they are pretty adorable :< 'specially Paras, I am rather attached to Paras. and Charmeleon. :'3 buuuuttttt the true reason for which this lot was purchased was Ramoloss (s'French for Slowpoke ;D), and he fits in very nicely with his Slowbros!
 Slow corner is growing larger and larger, though it's still tiny :3 However, I only -just- started collecting Slows a hwhile ago, and I already have 3/10 official plush O: Laying PokéCen Slow remains my grail <3, as does TOMYpoke :3, but moarso laying Slow.


MY BABY MY ELECTRIC LION BABY AHHHHH. I bought one on impulse on the eBays, from a pretty reputable seller :3, animeraro, and he arrived while I was at work on Saturday <3 HE'S SO CUTE AND TINY OH GOD. He is named Electroboy, as my Shinx/Luxray now :3 is named dat in Platinum. He is indeed the 2009 sitting version, although you can't tell much 'cept by looking at his tag which says 2009, and his legs which are bent :> but his tail doesn't lie, it sort of sticks out a bit, derp :3 he is soooo adorable, my second canvas. <3 He is soon to be joined by canvas Rai <3 and moar, as I have decided that my new rule is to stop impulse-buying thousands of pokeymanz, and to stick to: Raichu, Slowpoke (as always), Pichu if it's ridiculously cute (since I already have 6 plush, when big ol' Y!J 1/1 Pichu arrives), canvas plush, and Pokédolls!

Somebody else arrived tooooo :3

d'aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Emonga is so adorable in da flesh >><< I wish I was this cute xD I want his cape wings, he's so cute! thank you bluest_mercury! I will be happy to leave positive feedback, I just need to find your feedback thread :3

I BELIEVE this may be a bootie, but I honestly don't mind <3 I just saw it floating around the eBays after I'd been watching a few ancient eps of the animé that my friend sent me :] and I forgot how adorable and naughty Pikachu is (': and so I immediately required a Pikachu plush. not too expensive, just a 'chu. anddddd the seller I bought this from states that they're in the US, but in fact it was from Hong Kong! never mind, it's adorable <3 yawning (/sneezing, as my little sister thinks <3) Pikachu is so cute, and canvas Pichu just looks so at home riding on him XDD. He just arrived this morning, d'aaaaaaawwwww. that is all! I shall do another one when -all- my Rai stuff arrives, as there's so damn much now @____@, and I had a few amazing getz. later guiiiseeee :3 
Tags: banpresto, charmeleon, collection, custom, horsea, paras, pichu, pikachu, plush, pokecen, shinx, slowpoke, snorlax
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