Miss_n00b (fizzycat) wrote in pkmncollectors,

A public apology and Pokedoll payments owed!

Hey guys, I'm currently using my boyfriend's friend's computer (durp) so sorry I wasn't around last night :U

I first of all want to apologise for the plush GA...It seemed to have got really messy whilst I was away and sorry for upsetting people :C The pictures have managed to delete themselves, and I'm currently away from the PC that ahs them stored XD So I have no way to get the auction pictures back until I'm home again (not for 10 days D:) so many apologies! I'm currently grabbing pics from pokeplushproject so people at least know what the plush theyre bidding on look like. Also I made a mistake in terms of announcements with said auction, I know what to do in the future and many many apologies! Rest assured after all this I'm gonna take quite a break from GA's XD They're fun and all but can get pretty stressful! :B

Speaking of GA's, however, payments for the pokedoll GA...

are due (already!) And discounts are pretty dang amazing...

Spreadsheet is >> HERE! <<

Please sent payments to YOUR_MASTER_IS_HERE(@)BTINTERNET.COM (remove the brackets)  along with your Username and POKEDOLL GA PAYMENT 1 in the subject header. Thanks so much guys!

And thats all for now. Sorry to make this so brief! Once again I'm deeply sorry about the plush GA, I hope you can all forgive us for the mess ups :C I love you guys so much! <3
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