glaceon4444 (glaceon4444) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Mega Block GA Payments 1 Still Needed....

 snowball21, pancakemonkey, captainangel, delenir I still need your payments. As a reminder the spread sheet is here

If you actually sent payment or need more time just let me know in the comments :) The package estimated delivery time is in a week so I'd like to get the 1st payments in so shipping payments come out as soon as possible :)

If you bought something from be or have ordered tomy's and I messaged you your invoice, It has been sent out. I still have tomy's for some people who have not paid :( Remember I'm using my time to drive out get stuff for you (not for cheap) and if you don't pay I just have a bunch of figures hanging out in my room. Please claim them and pay for them if you have not :) thanks.

While I'm here I might as well relink you to my sales. ---> I do tomy orders and still have some old merchandise from the 90s for offer so check out my sales if you're here :) 


Thank you comm :)
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