kawaii-clamp-fan (miss_fuu_chan) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pkmncollectors Rainbow Meme! (and a quick shipping update!)

 Inspired by our community's wonderfully colourful banner - I've made up a new Meme which I thought would be fun!

Try to take a photo of 7 items in your collection - one to  represent each colour of the rainbow - Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green, Indigo and Violet! Comment below with your photo!~~ Here is one from me to start us off - a Pokedoll rainbow!

Magby, Buizel, Tufty Pichu (my favourite Pokedoll of all! <3), Larvitar, Alteria, Poliwhirl and Espeon!~ One for each colour! :D (This photo is actually a precursor to a much bigger update later this week....) I can't wait to see some from other collections!

I also wanted to post a quick update from my sales post for people who bought items! A few parcels have gone out, and the rest will be going out on Wednesday/Thursday this week - I'm sorry for the little delay, I had to buy some more packing materials- thank you for being patient!~ I wanted to keep you updated <3

One last thing! My Pokedoll database is starting to take shape before it goes online - thank you for your suggestions of additions! If anyone would like to swap collection site links with me at www.amitysquare.co.uk , please let me know - I've love to!

Happy Collecting Everyone!~
Tags: collection
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