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Umby V-Trainer, 'bones & minor want

Shipping updates:
A bunch of packages when out today. I will be getting more out, including more Bell Keychains sometime this week! Sorry for the delay, and thanks for your patience.

Next up! I got an Umbreon V-Trainer in a lot recently - I'm not sure if I want to part with it or not, but it's up for offers, as well as the Eeveelution tissue pack!

Not much is known about the Umbreon V-Trainer. This figure, like many TFG figures, was unreleased, but some prototypes exist. There probably aren't many of these around, so if you want a piece of Umbreon history, here's your chance!

This tissue pack is in good condition, but it does have a few wrinkles.

And so this isn't another offers post, here. Let me show you my Cubonios.

The Tomy Keychain is hidden, but it's there. As always, I'm interested in any (non-flat) items you have of these guys!

Finally, a want. Does anyone have a Wartortle Thinkchip for sale at all? I keep missing it in every sales post or GA ;_;
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