ShiningMew (shiningmew) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pokemon Center Mew Up for offers

Im putting one of my Pokemon Center Mew up for offers; this one is from 2007. I thought this would be easy to do but damn, its so not XD

Click here

Offers will go until this Friday at 11pm EST. If you are an international user, please please please read the rules in my post / talk to me about shipping. My international shipping opportunities are harshly limited, so please keep that in mind!

Also, I'm joining the Eeveelution collecting masses. But only for one item! Im searching for a Jakks Jolteon. Box, no box, I dont really care, whatever is cheaper 8D And I guess while Im at it, heres a link to the ol` Wants Post and my ever-frustrating Drifloon want.

Wants post
Tags: drifloon, jolteon, mew, plush, sales, wanted
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