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Pokemon Trading figures, to collect or not to collect..?

Hello everyone, I've decided to give in and ask for some help from the community concerning these...

Yes, pokemon TFGs, my boyfriend is addicted to games and I finally have him interested in this one so I am looking for as much information about this game as possible. I've heard that it was discontinued, but the wiki on the game doesn't really say anything about that..
So basically what I would like to know:

1. Does anyone actually play this, or just collect the figures?

2. Does the game have much substance, or does it get boring quick?

3. I've found some figures that aren't on the Nextquest, groundbreakers, or any other figures lists I've found and wonder if they are bootlegs? (Specifically the Raikou piece I've seen in sets on ebay.)

4. If you do collect them, whether you play it or not, where do you buy them from? Ebay, the comm, amazon, somewhere else? Also, what price ranges have you paid for such figures?

5. If you have any I'd like to see pictures if you have them on hand, I'd like to see what I'm getting into, especially since all I have at the moment is a lonely Murkrow.

6. Finally, if you have any for sale in your stores feel free to mention it to me, and I'll check them out.

So feel free to answer any/all/none of the questions above, or give links if you know anywhere that will have more information. I have checked, wikipedia, and a few other sites.

And for anyone who doesn't know what to say about the above topic, how often do you weed your collection? I'm also really curious about those people who don't have specific pokemon collection but just collect whatever is cool/cute, how do you make your collection seem more cohesive?
Right now I'm putting off a legitimate collection post because I don't know how to organize my collection so it looks as awesome as the ones I see on the comm. orz
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