azureyoshi (azureyoshi) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Gamestop event stuff, new stuff, and some important sales

Hello everyone.

There hasn't been much going on around here where I'm at lately, but I did go to Gamestop and get the Shiny Legendary Beasts that were released so far (only Suicune to go) & claimed a giant display box for White Version (because nobody at my Gamestop cares). I have a double of Shiny Entei (held for trade) if anybody  wants one.

Shiny Suicune's event is coming up next week from January 31st-February 6th. Just a head's up for everybody here at the comm. :)

Also, I did receive something in the mail today:

It's a Zekrom Sukui Doll/Scooping Figure :D
Thank you denkimouse!

Out of curiosity, I put him in some water to see if he actually floats, and this was the result:

Zekrom's tail is acting as a buoy of sorts...

I know this isn't a Pokemon item, but my dad got it from Target as a random surprise gift to me, and boy was I ever surprised!

It's a Yoshi plush backpack!!! I saw it online for pre-order back in November, but I thought it was an online-only product. I haven't had one of these since my old Pikachu one back from around 2000 (which I still have). :D

And that's all I have for now to share unfortnately. :(

But there's still a lot of things on the way, including the reason ( the big guy pictured below, which is the Chotto Ooki Zekrom Plush. That's not mine's, but it's a picture just showing it.) that I urgently need to have a sales post now.

So yeah, I have to post up my sales, so here ya go! XD

Thanks for looking! :)
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