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So, guess who showed up in my mailbox on friday?

I named him Derek. :D



And he promptly tried to abscond with my berries. Hey.

I've been after him for quite a while now (although not consistently searching), so I'm super happy to finally have one. A big thanks to featherclaw for pointing out the auction to me, I wouldn't have him if it weren't for you!

As for the rest of my collection, it hasn't really been going anywhere. *laugh* I went out on an expedition for the Mightyena TFG figure this weekend, and came home empty-handed. Target still only has Next Quest around here, and I couldn't find them at all at Toys R Us. Other than that, I'm still on the lookout for:

Poochyena: Zukan, American-made plush (I know there's one on ebay right now, but I'm not paying $40 for it), Kids figures (both versions), Mega Blok, Krak/Wap, Tomy figure, Pokedex figure.

Mightyena: Kids figures (I believe there are two), Mega Blok, Krak/Wap, Pokedex figure.

And of course, any other Mighty/Poochy stuff you may be willing to part with. That's just off the top of my head. I'm not really looking for cards or flat items, but anything else goes. Oh, and if you have something to offer, please keep in mind that I do not have Paypal and therefore cannot pay by it. D: Sorry, I know that makes things awkward for everyone involved.
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