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Collection! And a small sale~

Image heavy, beware..! Small figure sale at the very bottom. :3

My beloved Vulpixes <3 Including a violently holographic giant sticker. I love the big Tomy figure! And the sitting keychain with the fancy tails, it's just so .. coool :[ And that tinytiny one! Does anyone know what that's from? I don't think it's the Zukan.. I've got a few Vulpix things on the way, including clear and non-clear Kids and some more stickers and stuff.

Cards! :D Note that I've got Base Vulpix in four languages xD Also included is a (fake?) reverse holo sticker card. It's pretty :3 I'm missing a ton of Vulpixes.. if anyone happens to have a lot (as in, more than four of what I'm missing) for sale, let me know!

And now, on to the rest of the collection! Most of these things are ooold, hence the .. dirty.

Hahah, that Pikachu and Eevee have definitely seen better days. And .. apparently I have two Mew keychains? The Pikachu on the top is my favorite, he's just so .. cuuute o_o Also a few Pokeball plushes! A few aren't pictured because I don't know .. where they are.

The Amazing Fake Tauros Plush! I love him so much XD My niece got him in a .. crane machine somewhere, I think. Of all the Pokemon to make a weird fake beanie doll of, why Tauros!? I mean, he's cool and all, but.. yeah. Look at his little ribbon. He's simply fantastic.

Keychains! That Slowbro scares me. He .. plays music when you touch the little metal things on his feet. The first few days I had him, he'd start playing at random while sitting on my desk, once or twice a day. Then I banished him to a box in my room.

Random figures! I love that Weavile. The Charizard and Roselia are gashapon type things, pencil toppers I think. And those tiny figures are from .. some set of tiny figures. I got them off eBay for the Vulpix and I haven't seen too many since. Sold in sets of four I believe? I gave my boyfriend the Nidoking and Cloyster from the set.

Terribly adorable .. sucker holder things. The Togepi is insanely cute :[

Cute little tic-tac-toe puzzle things of the first gen starters! I don't have a clue where these are from, got them at a yardsale a year or so ago. They're really small and really cute xD If you can't tell from the cruddy picture, the boards they're linked to have pictures of their two evolved forms that you can flip through. Kinda cool :D

Talking Togepi, Bulbasaur pencil sharpener, Charizard action figure (shoots fire missiles from his mouth and tail!), and talking Mew. Mew glows in the dark. However, Mew's eyes don't glow. Mew looks terrifying in the dark. Eerie green alien-shaped thing with BLACK SHADOW EYES. I like to scare my nieces with Mew. I had two more pictures, but they're of boring Tomy/Burger King things, so I'll leave those out XD This is enough useless pictures as it is..


.. Dome figures! Their domes are kind of scuffed up :[ Really cute, though.
$2.50 each

BK keychains - $1.50
Bulbasaur keychain, shown open a few pictures up - $3
Marril and Ledyba tops - $2 each
N64 controller keychain - $3 each. I've got a bunch of these hidden somewhere in my room.. a few still in their packages, too!

Aaand that's it until my Kids arrive x3 I'm gonna estimate shipping to be around $2 in a small envelope, more if you're outside the US. Questions/comments/complaints? Post :D
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