Rachel ♥ (digivolution) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Rachel ♥

ATTN featherclaw, tortoises and shiny_vulpix!

Okaaaaaaaay guys sorry about the long wait XD I totally forgot about the last sales post I made (been uber busy with finals crap).

featherclaw: Would $4 shipped be all right for you? I haven't ever sent anything to Italy, but I sent a light package to Australia and it only cost around $2 :) Let me know if that's all right!

tortoises: Togepi is yours! How does $6.50 shipped sound?

shiny_vulpix: Thanks for getting back to me on the plushie ^^ Poliwhirl would just be $1.50 shipped ^^ Cause I can put him in a small envelope to save on shipping costs!
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