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Mail, Collection and a Question

Ok...I think I have everything I need for this post xD

First...I would like to mention...I have moved my sales post over to pokemontcg...Which can be found by clicking Here(shipping is $1.00 worldwide ^^)

Second...I would like to mention that I got mail from castform and dunsparce! Thank you both so much =D

I believe it was you, castform, who sold the WAPs? Anyway...they are so cool! Thank you! And dunsparce, Thank you so much for the cards! And the freebies! <3

I also got a card today that I have wanted for years! With the help of my friend who I always mention, gamecubegirl, I finally got it! And it arrived in the mail today! I am SO SO thrilled. It has to be one of my favorite cards! ♥

I have pictures of everything I got today

Waps from castform (I am having too much fun playing with these XD) and Cards from dunsparce INCLUDING A GERMAN DROWZEE! HOW COOL! <3

AND FINALLY!!! MY NEW CARD! Vending Machine Mewtwo! ♥!
Note: I'll sell the MEW Promo for $3 shipped ANYWHERE in the world ^_^

Also...after getting those Kids the other week from flag...I decided to take a group shot of all my which, without you all, I may never have owned. SO thank you all!^_^ (under the cut is also a link to my Card Collection of my favorite Pokemon ^_^)

Well...Here they all are XD...don't mind the Corphish and Kabuto...They will soon be mailed out to my friend xD

Close Ups....

I also got a little bored...and made a Mewtwo Kid Totem Poll XD

ANDDDDDDDDD Click HERE to see my Card Collection of my favorite Pokeymanz! (if you have any cards that you have that you don't see in that picture...let me know...I may be interested in trading/buying them =D)

Oh...and...well....I got bored one night...and decided to play with some Pokemon toys...(lol, yes I am 12 XD.....not really XD) Anyway...Here is what I came up with/made? xD

And one more thing...Has anyone seen or heard from unowncafe? They purchased a card from me about 2 weeks ago...and...vanished and never have the card on hold...But here is my question...what exactly is the hold policy for this community? Is there one? I ask this because...seeing as it has been 2 it ok for me to put said card back up for sale? I don't want to be rude to them...but it's been ages =\ I also know that pikachuashnat sent them something in a trade and she got the envelope sent back to her saying that the address didn't exist o_o;

So yeah...I was just wondering if it would be "against the rules" if I put my card back up for sale =\ (it's a holo Vaporeon Promo if any of you are interested)

Thank you for your help!

Ok...I think that's everything o.o;;

PS: I am still looking for that Chou Getto Gallade and Tomy Gallade figures xD

Also...I forgot to mention this...sorry ^^; But kari_xiii I still have your cards on hold as well =\ Was wondering if you are still interested in them.

ETA: OMG the bootleg horror! XDXDXD (pickachuashnat and I *cannot* stop laughing XD)
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